Defibrillators Australia run “Mum, Dad and Bub CPR awareness sessions” in community centres across Victoria, our next one is on June the 28 th at 7pm at the Lynbrook Community Centre. To book your seat please call Lynbrook Community Centre on 03 9792 7370. Or register your interest for a session in your area on our website: We send Seth and his family our loving and healing thoughts today and always.

We don’t know Seth, but we are super proud of his mum for doing CPR until he was defibrillated. CPR is paramount when you have an unconscious person who is not breathing; keeping the blood supply to the brain promotes the chances of a full recovery when revived. Defibrillation exponentially increases the chances of survival when both Defib and CPR are combined; the outcome in this instance was successful because of the actions of Seth’s mum. Knowing and applying CPR enabled Seth to be resuscitated by his quick thinking mum, she swung into action utilising her training in First Aid and CPR. It is amazing how much comes back to you when you are put in such a traumatic situation, we at Defibrillators Australia are incredibly proud of her courage to save her sons life in a crisis, many would have fell apart and not know what to do.