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Defibrillator Bundle – LifePak CR2 Essential Fully or Semi-Automatic

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Introducing the superior design and quality of the LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Defibrillator, Child and adult mode built in and specifically designed with the first responder in mind. Simple, easy-to-understand graphics, clear voice instructions (available in two languages) and a audible metronome to the beat of CPR, this AED is sure to help the rescuer remain focused during a CPR emergency.

LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Defibrillator:

  • Adult and child modes at the press of a button, no need to swap out pads in an emergency, just the press of a button to interchange
  • Fastest time to first shock
  • CPR coaching and metronome to set an effective CPR pace during an arrest
  • Metronome for pacing your CPR compressions
  • QUIK-STEP™ electrodes for faster placement
  • Layered design with easy to follow graphics
  • IP rating of 55: this means the AED is water, dust, drop and wind resistant making it very impervious to the elements
  • Both semi-automatic or fully automatic modes are available
  • 8-year warranty and customer care progam
  • Energy Selection: Adult 200J > 300J > 360  |  Paediatric 50J > 75J > 90J
  • 4 year pad and battery life
  • Soft shell carry case with shoulder strap
  • Clear voice technology: easy to hear and understand auditory instructions which increases automatically in a noisy setting
  • Bilingual: Dual Language that can be switched during a resuscitation if require
  • Lightweight – only 2kg for easy of carrying and transporting

Available unit options:

Fully-automatic Defibrillator: Automatically shocks the patient if a shockable heart rhythm is detected.
SKU: 99512-001252

Semi-automatic Defibrillator: Shock button is required to be pushed if a shockable heart rhythm is detected.
SKU: 99512-001250

The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Automatic Defibrillator has the most advanced operating system, the child and adult mode makes this device a simple choice for schools, childcare centres and anywhere where the rescuer may come across child or adult patients.

Bundle includes:

1 x LifePak CR2 Defibrillator – Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic

1 x Storage unit – Choice between a Wall Cabinet, Waterproof Case, Wall Bracket or Wall Hook.

1 x AED Rescue Resus Pack – Includes Scissors, Razor, Gloves, Wipes and a hard CPR Mask

1 x AED OHS Tag

1 x DRSABCD Chart

1 x AED Chart

1 x AED Wall sign – Choose the Flat Aluminium sign or the 3D sign.

8 years Warranty

8 Year Heart Safe Angel Customer Support

Plus a little surprise to make you smile :)

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