Templates and Programs

A great area to get information and free downloads to support your team in AED / Defibrillator policies and procedures.  PDF information that is crucial to your business

Public Speaking – First Aid and Defibrillator Awareness

Curious about Defibs and how they would fit in with your organisation, we can come and speak with your leadership team to discuss how we can support you.

Or if you would like a full Demonstration and non accredited education session/update on CPR and Defibrillators we come to you and deliver a session that supports your needs.

Defibrillator / AED register

Register your Defibrillator to receive updates and reminders when your battery and pads need replacing, never get caught out with an ineffective unit.

Insurance for your Defibrillator

You have purchased your Defibrillator to protect those around you, you now need to protect the equipment itself.  The insurance provides cover for up to $2000 for the cost of repair or replacing should it be lost or damaged during the period of insurance.

Rent to buy program

A great way to buy a Defibrillator over a period of time, this program allows you to pay it off in small increments so you have lifesaving equipment on hand without the upfront cost.

Defibrillator / AED Maintenance Program

Need help with a broken or non-functional unit, we can help with our experienced technicians on site.  Physio-Control offers ship-in service plans for customers located outside the typical on-site service range, or for those with unique cost constraints. Quality Assurance inspections and/or repairs are performed at regional Service Centres by factory-trained and authorized Service Representatives. The same options of inspection only, repair only or the combination of both are available to ship-in customers.

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