CPR Face Mask Rolls of 50 masks – Training aid.
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CPR Face Mask Rolls of 50 masks – Training aid.



CPR Face Mask is a quick, inexpensive, easy to use resuscitation sheet to provide a safe barrier between you and your manikin. This CPR mask prevents your mouth, nose, and face from coming into direct contact with manikin and is designed to stay in place during the training procedure. The CPR mask prevents 99% of bacteria that cause illness being transmitted to the user from the manikins surface.  The barrier is used to simulate breathes between the victim and the rescuer in an emergency.  Suitable for both adults and children manikins.

Great for training / single use.  Designed as a training barrier between manikin and operator.


Our range of defibrillators can be found here https://defibrillatorsaustralia.com.au/product-category/defibrillators/


Our emergency first aid kits are designed with the first responder in mind.  Containing masks, scissors, alcohol wipes and more, these kits are designed to help the first responder maximise the chance of survival to the patient in a life threatening and time-critical emergency.  Please note that our emergency first aid kits are not considered as a standard workplace first aid kit, rather they are designed for emergency first response situations. Our kits are primarily for the implementation of emergency CPR where the patient is unconscious, and are designed to be very portable.  They can be attached to other, larger first aid kits, stowed in a vehicle glove box, or kept in a desk drawer.


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