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AED Trainers – automatic external defibrillator trainers – are specifically designed to support emergency responders. Our training products enable them to get familiar with the use of a clinical AED system. Therefore, it is a training unit that is vital for the training of emergency staff.

Our practice AED trainers contain several pre-programmed scenarios. These scenarios are specifically implemented to familiarise emergency responders with the defibrillator. It also enables them to display the skills needed to use the defibrillator in a genuine emergency.

AED training is now a standard part of practice for most first aid courses to ensure that in a time of extreme pressure people have the adequate skills to be able to to deal with the situation.  Our training products are perfectly suited to this form of training.

We also supply CPR face masks and Resus Ready Packs with scissors, razor, face mask and wipes all contained in a zipped canvas carry bag.

Training face shields in boxes of 50 to use in your first aid classes, it protects your manikins and give maximum hygiene to your students.